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Shenzhen Tonghe Food Service Co.,Ltd is a compositive company that provides professional food services for many companies and groups in China. Since 1995, Tonghe was supported and favored by many customers because of its complete management system, strict and safety operating standards, and creative service ideas, Tonghe services for ZTE Group, ZTE Group, Lit-on Group, Midea Group, OMRON Group, Chongqing University of Science & Technology, Early Light INT’L (holdings) LTD, Puning City No.2 Hight School, WONGS Group, Chongqing Xiyong Micro Electronic Industrial Park, and Shenzhen Yasheng Electrical Co., Ltd. more than 50 famous companies and groups, provides food for 400,000 people daily. Shenzhen Tonghe Food Service Co., Ltd is operating well and has very good public praises around the food service industry.

       In order to extend the industrial chain, Tonghe invested and set up the Guangdong Huaxigu Modern Agricultural Development Company, Huaxigu was a program passed by the government and it is a government-supported program as Tonghe’s agricultural products supplier. It covers 5,330,000 , having cheap rent and beautiful landscape. The other food service company’s food supply is long way behind Tonghe.

       Tonghe Food Service Company insists to integrate personal goals and social responsibilities. While improving operation, Tonghe donates for poor students to make them back to school, joining many public welfare activities, action to help the environment, setting a good public image.

       In the future, Shenzhen Tonghe Food Service Company will continually work on being the standard of food service, strives for being the most professional food service company.


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