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    Every employee entering the system and will be the important member in the system and talent cultivation system. There will be different according to different nature of work, career advancement channels, and the specific divided into technical talent cultivation system and management personnel training system. System, and give each employee at various stages of the business enterprise growth to create a variety of exercise platform, further improve employees' comprehensive quality and professional skills.
System and based on the growth of employees, make people become talents, talents to create wealth, pays attention to the cultivation of talents and reserve, promote enterprise sustainable development.
1 technical training channels
Technology cultivation channels mainly focus on the chef, system and establish the cook assistant chef management system, which makes each eager to become a chef kitchen staff to provide learning opportunities. Through chef rating system and cooking at the same time competitive system, incentive and promote chefs cooking continuous innovation, the pursuit of excellence, and become a member of the system and gold medal chef!
2 channels of management training
Management backbone cultivation channels leading company departments, and strive to work hard for each in their own positions conscientiously staff of the company can become the role model, to give their honors and awards at the same time, the company set up specialized management knowledge training, make it become the excellent enterprise management personnel. System and also set up technical channels and management mechanism of talents training, training system and advanced management talents.
Management through optimizing the management system implementation, fully improve people's enthusiasm and creativity, people-oriented, shape the enterprise core competitive ability by cultivating professional talents.
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