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Tonghe formal provide catering services for HaoChang industrial co., LTD
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       On December 1, 2012 Tonghe opening team officially stationed in dongguan tangxia HaoChang industrial co., LTD., for HaoChang staff, managers, employees with standard combo and optional meal service. HaoChang employees can not only guarantee the basic life needs, at the same time can be on the basis of the freedom of choice to improve the quality of diet.
       Tonghe opening team in only one night in time, will decorate restaurant look brand-new, the second day and can smooth feeding. Launch free in three days before meal fruits and drinks preferential activities, not only to the people to come to dinner a surprise, also surprised, head of the workshop, spoke highly of our opening team overall planning ability!
       HaoChang industrial co., LTD. The selection and hierarchy and eventually reached cooperation relations, because the Tonghe the ability to  cooperation with the customer long-term cooperation, mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit. tonghe to the attention of the customer care and also let the customer moved deeply. Every negotiation meeting, the relevant person in charge of tonghe can be sent in the first time for customers to solve concerns and questions. Customer is god, is a basic service philosophy, tonghe  is to satisfy our customers and the tireless pursuit, is also a tonghe the enterprise mission!

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