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Address tonghe the New Year
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When is one year old.  Tonghe and we walk through together again in 2012. This year, we stick to in their own work, not to idle away one's time, don't live up to what time. This year, and under our hard work, its history writing.
In this year, and added a zte, perlos electronic parts, such as HaoChang industrial important customers. Achieve significant changes in the management system, introducing local cuisine, enrich the series and the product. And also pay more attention to the customer in the restaurant dining experience, part of the division of the restaurant image also to planning and design.
We constantly pursuit of progress, protecting Tonghe brand image. Behind every forward step frames each time we pay. In the process, no matter how much success or failure, after we all wanted to hold out until the last! - the toast celebrating, the desperate rescue. Tonghe and connect us together, let us with the power of a team to win the battle, create their own glory! For this, and also will crown to breakthroughs in those divisions: chongqing university of science and technology, beautiful, puning 2, omron and other branch turnover is more than the historical record, they are Tonghe other division model!
In this competition heats up in the food industry, every step forward, we have to pay many cost and hardships. But over the years, and can maintain its operations smoothly! Investigate its reason, it is closely related to the Tonghe pragmatic spirit. Threshold of food industry is low, labor-intensive service industry, we have to work, to ensure our survival. "Pragmatic development, talk is harmful" for both countries, or for a business has a realistic significance.
No matter how much we need to meet future challenges, scented, flowing in time precipitation tonghe spirit will support us always go on. Let us together wish: New Year, we will be more efforts to struggle, tonghe to the next level! You will all the best luck......
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