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The food safety
Food safety work, all the work Tonghe diet is a top priority. Are treading on thin ice, Tonghe diet cautious and from farmland to dining table, full control. From farmland to table food safety controls.



Fire safety

  Restaurant is focus on fire safety department, personnel concentrated large flow, in order to strengthen management, to ensure safety, tonghe formulated a  of fire safety system, including:

(1) fire safety education and training system
(2) the fire patrolling and checking system
(3) the safety evacuation facilities management system
(4) fire control center management system
(5) fire control facilities and equipment maintenance management system
(6) fire hidden dangers rectification system
(7) with fire, electricity and safety management system
(8) inflammable and explosive dangerous goods and places for fire and explosion prevention system
(9) obligatory fire brigade organization management system
(10) system of fire fighting and emergency evacuation plan exercise
(11) gas and electrical equipment inspection and management system
(12) for examination and assessment of fire safety work and the system of rewards and punishments

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